Mountsberg Creek Restoration Project

PROJECT: Mountsberg Creek Restoration Project

CLIENT: City of Hamilton (Carlisle) and Conservation Halton


  • Water’s Edge was engaged by Conservation Halton to undertake the restoration design for Mountsberg Creek in Courtcliffe Park (City of Hamilton).
  • This work built upon previous work done by Water’s Edge on Bronte Creek within Courtcliffe Park for Trout Unlimited and Conservation Halton.
  • Water’s Edge staff engineered detailed design plans to propose the historic Mountsberg channel be rehabilitated to accept permanent flows and to abandon the channel constructed by the previous landowner. 
  • An investigation of existing stream conditions was completed to confirm that the original channel was still up to the task of handling any increases.
  • The design improved habitat and flow conveyance, alleviated stagnant areas, and promotes natural fish passage.
  • Water’s Edge was also engaged for tendering, and construction inspection and guidance.

SERVICES PROVIDED:  Rehabilitation Design, Surveying, Hydrology & Hydraulics, CAD,  

  Fluvial Geomorphology, Tendering, Construction Inspection 

DATE OF PROJECT: February 2017