Our Team

Ed Gazendam, Ph.D., P.Eng., is the Founder, President and Sr. Geomorphologist of Water’s Edge with over 25 years of professional experience.

Ed holds Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees from the University of Guelph. In addition, Ed also has specialized training in natural channel design, sediment transport and open channel hydraulics from UC Berkeley and Johns Hopkins Universities.

Extensive training and experience have allowed Ed to complete a wide variety of river projects ranging from environmental assessments to riverbank stabilization designs, both locally and internationally.

Ed is a member of the provincial Natural Channels Initiative Committee and co-author of the provincial policy document entitled “Adaptive Management of Stream Corridors in Ontario”. He is also a Director with the Canadian Water Resources Association – Ontario Branch, registered with the Professional Engineers of Ontario and a member of the Canadian Society of Civil Engineers (Hydraulics).

Ed enjoys travelling and fly-fishing (for which there is never enough time available).

Ferdous Ahmed, Ph.D., P.Eng., is the Sr. Water Resources Engineer at Water’s Edge and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario. Ferdous holds Bachelor, Master and Doctorate degrees in Water Resources Engineering. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Alberta in 1994 and since then he also received specialized training in HEC HMS, HEC RAS, Mike SHE, Mike Hydro, Mike Flood, and SMS/SRH 2D modelling.

Having worked for a local Conservation authority for over 20 years as well as many years in consulting, Ferdous has conducted over 40 Floodplain Analysis and Mapping studies in Canada and reviewed over 80 flood studies in Canada and USA. These studies included hydrologic & hydraulic modeling as well as the preparation of floodplain mapping.

Dr. Ahmed has over twenty-five years of experience in water resources engineering with extensive knowledge of river hydraulics, fluvial geomorphology, computational hydraulics, sediment transport, river training, erosion control, bank protection works, as well as the design of weirs, culverts, groynes, levees, canals, water intakes, sedimentation ponds, and stilling basins.

Ferdous enjoys long hikes, observing nature, and reading widely on science, arts and society.

Nik Gazendam, C.Tech., CAN-CISEC is a Project Manager at Water’s Edge with over 15 years of direct experience in data collection, analysis, design, implementation, and monitoring of channel related projects. Nik has a diploma in Ecosystem Management from Fleming College, and since graduating he has also completed various specialized training courses and workshops that have increased his knowledge base.

His area of expertise includes fluvial geomorphic assessments, design, meander beltwidth assessments, floodline studies, CAD, and surveying. In addition, Nik is typically the project construction inspector for Water’s Edge channel construction projects.

With his project involvement and experience Nik has developed good relationships with many agency and company staff members, which aids in the communication, timing, and completion of jobs.

Nik loves spending time with his family, playing sports, being outdoors, and cheering on his favourite sports teams.

Eric Gazendam is a Senior Technician at Water’s Edge. Eric has over 5 years of experience in surveying and CAD work. He is also working on completing a diploma in Civil/Environmental Engineering Technology at Conestoga College and has completed various training courses and workshops.

His current areas of expertise include surveying, design, 2D and 3D CAD, data analysis, along with water level and flow data collection. Eric has completed many geomorphic surveys and natural channel design projects, as well as prepared CAD drawings for submission to clients, agencies and contractors.

Eric is in the process of renovating his home while still finding time for adventure with his family.

Ryan Good, M.A.Sc., EIT is a Water Resources Specialist at Water’s Edge. His bachelor’s degree is in Environmental Engineering from the University of Guelph. His Master’s degree is in Water Resources Engineering and research focused on fluvial geomorphology and sediment transport in streams.

His current areas of expertise include hydrologic and hydraulic assessments (using HEC-HMS, SWMHYMO and HEC RAS), stormwater management, LID, and monitoring installations with data downloading/processing, GIS, CADD and reporting.

Ryan has a lifelong interest in water which includes sailing and fishing, he also likes to share random facts, and play hockey.

Lucy Lu, M. Sc., G.I.T., is a River Scientist at Water’s Edge specializing in fluvial geomorphology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). She typically completes meander beltwidth analysis, fluvial geomorphic analysis, monitoring, GIS analysis, and reporting. She received her Master of Science (M. Sc.) from McGill University in Physical Geography, specializing in biogeochemistry of wetlands. Her Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) is from University of Western Ontario where she studied Earth Sciences and Geology. During that time, she has researched geoarchaeology, stable isotopes, and economic geology. She is a Geoscientist in Training, licensed under the Association of Professional Geoscientists in Ontario (APGO). Lucy enjoys painting, being creative, and discussing environmental issues. She enjoys being outdoors on or by the water.

Tim Antonio, P.Eng., is a water resource scientist at Water’s Edge with over 11 years working in rivers studying their flow. Tim has a B.A.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering and Minor in Preventative Engineering from the University of Toronto. His current area of expertise includes Hydraulic & Hydrologic Modelling & Analysis, GIS, water stage-discharge data collection, and hydroacoustics. 

Tim, enjoys thinking of new ways to do things by working to prevent flooding and the increasing impact of water on our society. Tim has worked extensively across Northwestern Ontario during droughts, historical high water, and winter ice conditions. He has worked with First Nation communities, Government & Industrial sectors to provide solutions to unique challenges with water resources.

Tim loves enjoying wildlife photography from a canoe or reading a good book. These days the camera is used for capturing his young family’s adventurous moments and reading lots of kids books.

Eh Klay Law  is a graduate from the Civil Engineering Program at Mohawk College and is working on the field crew and as a Civil Technologist at Water’s Edge.

His current areas of expertise include Civil 3D, surveying, and data analysis. Eh Klay has assisted in the completion of various geomorphic surveying and channel design projects, as well as prepared CAD drawings for submission to clients, agencies and contractors.

Ehklay enjoys playing soccer year-round and you can find his music on YouTube.

Megan Buitenhuis B.Sc., is a River Scientist at Water’s Edge. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Geoscience from Brock University, and is registered as a Geoscientist-in-Training.

Her current areas of expertise include GIS applications and fluvial geomorphology. She has completed various floodplain mapping studies, meander beltwidth assessments, and geomorphic surveys. She has also completed water quality and flow monitoring studies in her previous positions.

Megan enjoys reading, crocheting, and baking in her spare time. 

Jacob McCurdy, B.Eng., E.I.T., is a Project Manager and Water Resources Specialist at Water’s Edge. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (co-op) in civil engineering from the University of Victoria and a diploma in architectural technology (co-op) from Fanshawe College that have been supplemented with environmental and regulatory training.

Upon graduating civil engineering, he trained under two Senior Aquatic Ecologists: to understand how to combine ecology with engineering to create thriving habitats for wildlife, while protecting public safety and property. At Water’s Edge, Jacob is developing an expertise in fluvial geomorphology, natural channel design, water resources, and watershed monitoring.

Jacob is a member of the Canadian Water Resources Association and is registered with Engineers & Geoscientists British Columbia as an Engineer-in-Training. He is a volunteer with the Grand Valley Trails Association and the Brant Waterways Foundation. Jacob is always looking forward to his next adventure into the wilderness – backpacking or portaging with friends and family.